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Papier d'Armenie

Papier dÁrmenie is a trusted air freshener and room deodorzier, used in homes throughout France and available in Australia. 

Created over 120 years ago Papier d'Arménie booklets (Paper of Armenia) are a natural air freshener made into perfumed paper strips that can be burned or placed in drawers. The booklets are available in 3 refreshing fragrances, plus candles and burner.

Made using natural ingredients and with the FSC stamp of approval, Papier d'Armenie is the chemical free room deodorizer. You don't have to plug anything into a wall or set a timer to release a fragrance. One strip of Papier dÁrmenie can deodorize multiple rooms and the frangrance can lasts for up to three days. 

Burn a strip to remove cooking smells, pet odours, cigarette odours, cigar odours, and anything unpleasant smelling. 

A unique gift idea for perfume lovers and great gift idea.

Papier d'Armenie wholesale available in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us by email: sales@hostilebacon.com.au for more information.




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